Planning a medically-themed event and need entertainment? Want rave reviews from your attendees? How would you like entertainment that's all about health care and will get your dance floor rockin'?  With a show to fit almost any budget, Gary Cozine is a great choice for conferences, hospital galas, fundraisers and medical sales meetings. For smaller audiences, Gary's solo show of carefully crafted parodies will have your attendees clapping and singing along. If you're planning a larger event, Gary and the Laryngospasms put on a show that is a blend of always topical medical humor and awesome dance music. They'll get your audience laughing and then get them dancing--even the guy who never dances.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and founder of the Laryngospasms, Gary Cozine has been crafting medically-themed parodies for over twenty years. With three albums, a music video that has over ten million hits on YouTube and performances across the country to his credit, Gary can make your medically themed event truly memorable with parodies like, "Waking Up Is Hard To Do" , "Taking Care's Our Business", "The Glove Shack" and "Restart My Heart".

If your event needs a dance band, Gary's backing band, the Laryngospasms, will take over the floor with classic hits and the best of today's music and will keep your audience on their feet until the last song. 

So if you are organizing a medically-themed event that would benefit from a combination of humor and great music, consider Gary. He delivers an unforgettable evening of comedy and upbeat music that will have your attendees giving you rave reviews...

"I simply can't say enough about Gary and the Laryngospasms. His act was both fun and witty. A true entertainer, he kept the crowd dancing and set the stage for an enjoyable evening. I was so impressed by his ability to tailor his songs to our organization, he even created an new parody for our work. I highly recommend Gary and his crew to entertain at any event, really. They are so much fun! Even the non-medical audience members enjoyed their act. Thanks, Gary!"
Sarah Marjane, MPH
Executive Director

Check out the videos of Gary to see why he's a great choice if you want to inject a dose of fun into your event.

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Gary and The Laryngospasms! Here's a ninety second glimpse of what Gary and The 'Spasms can add to your event. For lots more, check out the other pages on this website.


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"Splish Splash She Was Having A Flash." With apologies to Bobby Darin, here's Gary's take on the thermo-regulatory malfunctions ladies of a certain age might experience...  Just saying'... And with a little help from my friends at MidState Medical Center, Meriden, CT... Enjoy!

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Splish Splash She Was Having A Flash 

My latest music video is now published on YouTube. We finished shooting last Friday and after way too many hours hunched over my computer, it is edited and posted. We had a ball shooting it, which I think shows through in the video. Thanks to my friends and colleagues from MidState who starred in it. Our only requirement to be a cast member, since it was about hot flashes, was that to be in the video you had to have experienced them yourself... Bravo ladies. Well done. And thanks to my coproducer, Peter Kelly, and to my wife, Shelly, who helped make this a reality. Enjoy and please share with your friends.

Splish, splash, she was having a flash
She woke me up at quarter to three
The covers were a flapping', the dog he was a yappin'
And then I had to get up to pee
When I came out, the window's opened wide
The lights were all on and cars were pulling up outside
Splish, splash, she was having a flash
And then I hear downstairs that there's a party going on?

Bing bang, she called her whole gang
Her bookclub and her friends from work
​Anyone who couldn't sleep, was up there dancing' on their feet
She looked at me and said, "Don't be a jerk"
There was a ton of food, a couple bottles of wine
Man, but those ladies were having a good time
Splish, Splash, I forgot about my nap
I went and put my dancing shoes on....